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Our main focus is selling our invention by a license model so the method can be integrated into an existing design under full customers development control.

This is relatively easy when selecting for instance new  NXP automotive  LED driver ready for  PWM dimming and is the fastest way to introduce it into for instance automotive products where there is a certain quality required.

Another option is that Nucon GbR is helping you by designing parts of a software or complete LED driver power stage using the thermal sensor-less method.

Or you buy a PIC16f1765 single buck driver demo board for 10 EUR  email for shipment and delivery conditions




This regulator is a current driven switcher at about 300kHz using the comparator and op amp out of the applied micro controller, for instance set to 1A drive current.

It can be used in standalone applications or be used connected to a serial terminal USB adapter to a software TerraTerm. In the portable application on the right side it is powered by 8 AAA cells to provide you a superior spot with a long running time included.

Some features: polarity protection diode, 40V  input voltage regulator for micro controller used, easy to flash by programmer. 
Board can be used to make a flashlight, or vehicle light. Switching by external switch on off, dimming strobe mode and so on

If interested in our solution to get such a demo board for testing or using email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

US PAT 9326349