The generation of light is not 100%, so there is also a lot of heat !
LED products with good quality emit more light and do not fail prematurely.

Keep your promises documented, which you give to your customers.

Set new standards in the market for process quality.

Recognize insufficient quality in manufacturing and avoid defects in the products at your customers!

Wherever safety, longevity and accurate predictions of life expectancy in lighting technology are important. ( railroad, aviation, traffic, military,...)

Accurate detection and control of the junction temperature of each LED. ( The temperature of the light emitting crystal )

- Whether in the development phase
- In production ( before and after the soldering process )
- In assembly ( before and after mounting into a package )
- For maintenance ( e.g. online query about the condition of each LED in each luminaire )
- In operation ( e.g. each luminaire constantly tests itself. And reacts accordingly as specified. )
- For documentation in every process step.

At any time you have exact data
- To the temperature of the LED
- To the quality of the current thermal connection of the Led
- The aging condition of the LED
- The current efficiency of the LED

Quality requires measurements - Make your LED product stand out from the competition. Before they do.

 Relocate your production to save costs and protect yourself with measurements!